• Client Ellucian
  • Agency nah design, Lullabot
  • Job Web design and Drupal

Ellucian is a globally operated software company, providing cloud & SaaS solutions to empower today's higher education institutions to be more agile and efficient.

We developed and launched the Ellucian website on the Drupal platform in 2018. Since then we have maintained and contributed new feature development through campaigns and design refreshes, the latter most recently executed by Lullabot.

Site localization
Utilizing Drupal's translation capability, the site serves curated content for three distinct regions. Editors easily clone content from one region to another, controlling not only the language but which products and services are available to their customers by location.

Custom campaigns
We designed and developed campaign pages with unique templates outside the existing site branding, allowing the marketing team to showcase new solutions in exciting ways. Edited and configured through the Drupal administration, there's no code deploys needed to rapidly spin up a campaign on demand.

Large scale fast performance
Hosted on Acquia, one of the premier Drupal hosting platforms, and served via CloudFlare the site has been optimized for heavy traffic. Responsive images, accessibility friendly navigation, Solr driven listing pages, and caching layers such as memcache and Varnish provide the best conditions for keeping up with Ellucian's large customer base.

Ellucian homepage Ellucian campaign page